How to Tell if Your Kids are Buying Drugs Online

buying drugs online

As if being a parent isn’t already hard enough with bullying online, social media dangers, and catfishing, the internet has created a new danger that our drug and alcohol rehab center in Philadelphia thinks you should be aware of.

Unfortunately, a new internet trend involves purchasing drugs online and your internet-savvy child could be taking advantage of this new gateway.

Nicknamed “Darknet” for its illegal use, mail order drugs are a new reality. According to the Global Drug Survey of 2018, 18.1% of abused illicit or prescription drugs last year were purchased using the Darknet and 30% of cocaine users said they could get the drug delivered in less than 30 minutes. [1] With the internet only continuing to grow, the Darknet will probably show no signs of slowing down.

Is Your Young Adult or Teen Buying Drugs Online?

As providers of drug and alcohol treatment in Philadelphia, we want you to know what signs to look out for if you suspect your young adult or teen buys drugs on the internet. Some signs that your child is buying drugs online include:

  • Secretive online behavior like hiding the computer screen or deleting browsing history
  • Lying or being deceitful about their behavior
  • Receiving packages on a regular basis or going “out” and coming back with packages on a regular basis
  • Increased spending habits or missing money
  • Signs of drug abuse in general

Getting Your Child Help

It is important that you pay attention to your child’s behavior so that you can determine if something is wrong. If you strongly suspect that your child is buying drugs online, you should not be ashamed or feel guilty for your child’s mistakes; you should get them help immediately. Whether you are looking for cocaine addiction treatment or opiate addiction treatment, at Banyan Treatment Center Philadelphia, our staff will guide both you and your child through the recovery process. With our PHP treatment and IOP treatment, your young adult will be placed in the setting they need to overcome their drug addiction safely and without judgment.

At Banyan Philadelphia, we help adults both old and young get their life back on track after being derailed by drugs or alcohol. Your child could get the help they need to overcome their drug addiction. Help them move forward with their life with our addiction treatment center in Philadelphia.

To learn more about our rehab centers and treatment options, call us today at 888-280-4763.


  1. 1. Global Drug Abuse – Key Findings Report 2018

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