Reality TV Stars with Substance Abuse Disorders

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While flipping through your 500 channels or scrolling through Netflix, you will certainly stumble across a reality tv show.

From the Bachelor to Survivor and Dancing with the Stars to Top Chef, reality TV shows have taken over the television world. These reality stars are average Joes that somehow wind up on television and are sometimes catapulting into a life in the spotlight. Just like other celebrities, the spotlight can attract luxurious events as well as added pressures. To cope with their new-found fame, some of these reality stars may turn to drugs or alcohol. Eventually, these average Joes may transform into reality star addicts.

Reality Star Addicts & Recovery Addicts

Whether you love them or hate them, reality stars are bound to continue to grace our television screens. As a Philadelphia rehab center, we know how easy it can be for people to fall to addiction, and reality stars are no exception. Here is our list of reality stars addicted to drugs that you probably didn’t know about.

Mama June

The first on our list of reality stars addicted to drugs is the infamous Mama June from the show Honey Boo Boo. Mama June showcased the life of being a “pageant mom” on television and the show became one of America’s guilty pleasures. This year, she was arrested for drug possession and has what seems to be a serious drug addiction, specifically with cocaine. Worried about her future, her family appears to have staged an intervention to voice their concerns and get her cocaine addiction treatment.

Mike "The Situation"

Close to home in Philadelphia, Jersey Shore star Mike “The Situation” has admitted to prescription drug abuse. He recognized that he had a problem and got opiate addiction treatment. His 2+ years of sobriety is something worth fist-pumping for, especially now that Mike has joined the Banyan team.

Craig Robinson

Only hardcore Bachelor and Bachelorette fans who have been around long before Colton and Hannah B. will remember Craig Robinson from Ali Fedotowsky’s season. Craig was a cocaine user before going on the show, but his addiction became much worse as a result of the fame he gained until it became a daily habit and he became suicidal.1 Finally, he decided to get help and sought drug and alcohol treatment in Philadelphia. Since that time, he has moved to Florida and has been taking steps to improve his life and continue his recovery.

Jael Strauss

America’s Next Top Model star, Jael Strauss, made an appearance on the show in Cycle 8. She was all but forgotten by most until she appeared on a Dr. Phil episode regarding her drug abuse six years later. After her time with Tyra Banks, Jael began abusing meth. In the Dr. Phil episode, her family pleas with her to get professional help.

You see how these reality stars on drugs can spiral out of control. Do not let your addiction govern your life or the life of your loved one. You too can become sober.

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  1. People – Bachelorette Alum Craig Robinson Opens Up About Cocaine Addiction and Suicide Attempt

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